Sunday 8 May 2016

Rainbow Swirls, Rainbow Paddle pop and Rainbow Tiedye Chiffon Cake

Just sharing some of the experiments I had tried with Rainbow Chiffon over the months, Rainbow Swirls, Rainbow Tiedye and Rainbow Paddlepop Chiffon Cake. Which do you like? =) I was really thankful my friends trusted me enough to let me experiment with their cakes =p.

I had a good laugh with the Rainbow Swirls (top left), as it was so straight! I was hoping to get something more 'fancy', but I'm so used to making straight lines, the result was quite funny. I made the Rainbow swirls by first making a Rainbow Chiffon Cake (now in Creative baking: Chiffon Cakes), then using chopsticks to run from inner tube across and then up at 3 sides, then from outer tube, down and inwards at 3 sides (alternating).

The Rainbow paddle pop (below) is easy. Just randomly plonk the Rainbow batter in spots. I used an oval mould here to make 'Paddle pop' ice cream chiffon pops. But I have also made a big chiffon cake Paddle pop version for another friend (not yet posted). Here I used the paddle pop ice cream chiffon pops as toppers for the Rainbow swirls chiffon cake. I filled the tube hole with a Rainbow marshmallow surprise and then covered it with the Paddle pop ice cream.

Tada! Rainbow Swirls Chiffon with Rainbow Paddlepop Chiffon Pops!

The Rainbow tiedye (on the right) was targeted at swirls at the base of the tin. First I piped concentric Rainbow colored circles as per Chiffon cake Rainbows, then dragged a chopstick from inner tube outwards at 3 sides, and outside in at 3 sides (alternating). I was happier with this one =). The sides I just did a Paddlepop Rainbow design as I was too tired by then =p. This was for a mummy and was pretty enough on it's own without a topper.

Thankful all the Rainbow Chiffon Cake variants were well-received! Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's day!

With lots of love,

The Rainbow Chiffon Cake is now the cover of Creative baking: Chiffon Cakes. And the Chiffon Cake Rainbows (bottom right) are in the book too!

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