Sunday 9 August 2015

Baymax-inspired Chiffon Cake with personalised Healthcare chip

Happy birthday to Kinley and to Singapore!

Today is the happy occasion of our country’s 50th birthday and a dear friend’s son’s birthday! I was inspired to transform the whole chiffon cake into this cute, fluffy version of Baymax (vs the sitting one I made previously) by the Mickey cake I made for her last year. It was one of the first few cakes I made so it’s rather nostalgic. Back to the Baymax, this whole Baymax uses 16 eggs! I scaled up the Reduced egg yolk vanilla chiffon cake recipe to 2 egg yolks and 16 egg whites (12 egg recipe) and divided it up among an 8-inch chiffon tin (6 eggs), ball cake pan (2 eggs), 2 round bowls (2 eggs) and 2 oval bowls (2 eggs). In addition I made a cute personalised Healthcare chip for him using pandan chiffon layer cake. Very thankful it was well-received!

Baymax is coincidentally white and red (the other version) so very Singapore in colors LOL! So it felt very apt to post today hehe. Very thankful to be in this country! =)

With lots of love,

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