Sunday 21 December 2014

'Dora the Explorer' Cocoa-Pandan Chiffon Cake

This is a 'Dora the Explorer' chiffon cake for my friend’s daughter who loves Dora! My daughter also likes Dora and loves carrying the talking backpack (we have a toy bag) around. As I had mentioned in Super Mario, faces are actually among the most difficult cakes and require the most attention to detail because even a slight shift in a feature may result in a different-looking person. I personally felt it was more difficult than Super Mario as the features were more subtle.

Since Dora is a Latina, her face was made from chocolate chiffon cake to get the brown shade like the Rilakkuma face. For the hair, instead of piping in like in Little Twin Stars or cutting and joining like in Super Mario, here I tried something different which was to wrap the charcoal chiffon cake around the face like our human face. Definitely more tricky to handle (I accidentally broke the first piece) but works better to get the shape for the Dora hair.

The facial features and flowers were cut out from chiffon cake baked in layers divided into brown for eyes (cocoa + charcoal), cream for whites (original), red and pink, and then glued on with melted marshmallows. The base cake was pandan chiffon cake coloured naturally with pandan juice and paste requested by my friend. Thank God cake was well-received and her daughter liked it lots!

Here's a picture of the cake under a different lighting! Dora is ready to go exploring!

With lots of love,

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