Friday 16 September 2016

Wedding Brown Sugar Cookies

I mentioned earlier in my Teacher's Day cookie post that I have a huge batch of 400 brown sugar cookies to make for a wedding. Here are some of them :)

When you have 400 decorative cookies to make within a limited time frame, some careful thought has to go into planning the design. My cousin wanted the initials of the bride and groom with a cross in the middle to represent the centrality of Jesus Christ in their marriage. Her colour theme for the wedding is blue and therefore the ombre blue shades for the cookies.

You may refer to my Teacher's Day cookie post for a detailed write-up of the basic brown sugar cookie recipe and the royal icing recipe.

Just to share some photos...

Freshly baked cookies!

Testing the consistency of royal icing.

Consistency of icing for flooding the hearts should be such that any peaks disappear in 10 seconds. Consistency for the letters should be thicker at about 20 seconds or the little twirls will end up looking like blobs.

Outline the hearts with white icing, dry completely before flooding with blue.

Let the flooded cookies dry overnight before adding on the letters and dots.

If I had more time or less numbers to work with, I might have used a needle to scratch the letters on the surface of the flooded hearts before tracing with royal icing. But as it turns out, my freehand piping wasn't too bad after all :p.

Really thank God for helping me to complete this gargantuan task, and for my dad who helped me dot the border of about 30 cookies as I realised I had one day less to work on the cookies due to personal family commitments. It took me about two and a half weeks to work on these cookies along with family commitments and other bakes.

Here's me wishing the lovely couple a blessed marriage!

With love,
Phay Shing

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