Tuesday 20 September 2016

Psyduck Chiffon Cake

Psyduck spotted! =p

Something simple and cute for my hubby's birthday this year, mainly because the kids like the cute silly-looking duck from Pokemon go! =)

The duck is from lemon chiffon cake (naturally colored) from 2 bowl cakes and 1 swissroll (for the arms). The base 'island' cake is pandan chiffon cake baked in a wilton ball cake pan.

I know my kids will enjoy cutting it up so much hehe =p Thank you for everything!

With lots of love,

Good news! Deco Chiffon Cakes will be hitting the bookstores this Friday 23rd Sept! 

It features new 3D patterns, a 6-page extended troubleshooting guide, and trending flavours like salted egg lava chiffon cake! So excited! <3

1 comment:

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