Monday 17 November 2014

Queen's Crown Chiffon Cake (and Cupcakes) for Baby Shower

This Queen crown is a chiffon cake made especially for a very dear friend's baby's manyue. The baby's name is Queena, so the cake was to be a sweet sweet crown fit for the baby Queen! The right shows the tiered set-up with the crown on top and chiffon cupcakes with various sweet designs and 'Happy 1st Month Queena'. I wasn't confident coping with the quantities in the big project so thankfully I had Phay Shing's help with a lot of the cuppies!

The sweet crown with stars above!

Close-up of the pretty tiered set-up!

The crown chiffon cake was vanilla-flavored and made by dividing a pink vanilla chiffon cake (3 egg yolk recipe) into a 15 cm chiffon tin and a 10-inch layer cake. I intentionally made the chiffon cake shorter so that its proportion would look like a crown. For your convenience, I have pasted the scaled-up ingredients and baking times below :).

Vanilla chiffon cake
3 egg yolks
20g sugar
39g vegetable oil
36 ml boiled water
5 ml vanilla extract

4 egg whites
45g sugar
1/4 tsp cream of tartar

15 cm chiffon tin, filled to slightly less than 2/3: 15 min at 160°C, then 16 min at 140°C.
10-inch layer tray (lined with baking paper): 15 min at 160°C.

I baked an additional purple and blue vanilla chiffon layer cakes (2 egg yolk recipe each in 10-inch tray) to cut out gems and stars to decorate the crown. I brushed on some melted marshmallows to help them adhere to the crown.

The cuppies were orange chiffon cupcakes (scaled to 4 egg yolks) with vanilla chiffon layer cakes replacing fondant for letters and decorations. I did the letters and Phay Shing the girly designs. Similar to the crown, I baked another three 10-inch vanilla layer chiffon cakes, 2 pink and 1 purple (2 egg yolk recipe each) to cover the cupcakes and to cut out the designs on top.

Freshly-baked cuppies wishing Queena a Happy 1st Month!

With lots of love,

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