Sunday 4 December 2022

Gingerbread Cookies (Piping video tutorial)

 It's a privilege to be part of a team sharing Christmas joy through the form of cookie box giveaways! Each of us lovingly prepare different cookie flavours to put together something for the eyes and mouth to feast on. I chose to make gingerbread cookies 😊, something I am familiar with and used to make around the start of my baking journey.

As I had to make at least 300 individually wrapped pieces with limited time, I had to be careful to choose designs that are quick and easy to decorate, yet elegant and pretty. 

You may refer to this post for my gingerbread cookie recipe. I tweaked the royal icing recipe to include 2 tsp of light corn syrup but it's optional. The dough as well as baked cookies freeze very well so you can make ahead of time. Iced cookies can also store for a month or more at room temperature in airtight condition. Just look at how long gingerbread houses on display can last out in the open 😉.

Please see my Instagram post for the video tutorial. I make use of sprinkles to add some bling or cute details.

with love,

Phay Shing

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