Tuesday 5 March 2019

Video Tutorials for Choux Pastry Basics

Wondering how to make cream puffs or Éclairs? I have made some video tutorials to show you how!

I am still in the midst of preparing for the photoshoot of Deco Choux Pastries with Marshall Cavendish but I thought I better take some time to get some video tutorials in order. There will be a total of three video tutorials in the book, two of which are featured in this blog post.

I am sharing the method of making the Choux pastry batter and how to pipe basic round choux buns or profiteroles in this first video:

This second video tutorial is for piping Éclairs:

I must admit that it takes some practice to get the piping of Éclairs down pat but the good news is, you can always scrape off the batter from the baking tray and start over if your piping is all wonky 😆.

I strongly recommend using an open star tip for Éclairs although you can use either round or open star tips for Choux buns because the parallel line markings made by the teeth of the star tip will help with more even expansion of the pastry case in the oven.

I used parchment paper for illustration purposes but if you have a perforated mat, do use it instead as it helps to retain the shape of the piped batter much better, especially for Eclairs.

I hope the videos and tips are helpful! As you can see, you don't need sophisticated equipment to make choux pastry. Does this motivate you to give it a try 😉 ? You can fill the baked cases with all sorts of sweet and savoury filling to enjoy!

With love,
Phay Shing

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