Sunday 29 October 2017

Candy corn and Pumpkin Pusheen Chiffon Cakes

Pumpkin and Candy corn Pusheen Chiffon Cakes!

Aahh, who thought Pusheen could get any cuter?! These were inspired by the new Pusheen Fall Surprise Plush series!

Cuteness overload!!! =p

The Candy corn Pusheen was a bit similar to my previous Pusheen cat, except that I needed to play with colours this time. The base was vanilla-lemon flavoured.

Candy corn Pusheen Chiffon Cake 
(vanilla, vanilla-lemon flavoured)

 However, the Pumpkin Pusheen needed to be hand cut from a ball chiffon cake so that was pretty challenging.

Pumpkin Pusheen Chiffon Cake 
(charcoal, vanilla-orange-flavoured)

Thank God both were well-received by my friends =). Have a blessed week ahead!

With lots of love,


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