Sunday 25 September 2016

Video Tutorial for Passionfruit/Yuzu Lollipop Chiffon Cake Pops

Finally unveiling what I have been working on! My next video tutorial on Passionfruit Lollipop Chiffon Pops from my new cookbook Deco Chiffon Cakes, that's just been launched at all major bookstores in Singapore!

This lollipop chiffon pop is from Pg 94. I'm really not techie so it's really a pain for me to make the video =p, I'm really thankful I had my hubby's help. So hope you don't mind my humble video:

You can substitute passionfruit juice with any of the other fruit juice of your choice. I have tried with yuzu and orange juice and both works well. There is also a natural food coloring guide (how-to-make) from Pg 29. Many people also do not know there are actually some brands like Queen's or PME that sells natural coloring (in some colours). If using wilton gel, then a tiny toothpick prick dip is required only.

And here's my newest labour of love!

It features step-by-step guide to new 3D patterns, cute animals and pops, festive cakes, and an extended 6-page detailed troubleshooting guide and basic section. In addition, there are trending new flavours like Salted egg yolk lava chiffon cake! More information here.

I really really hope the ideas will bless many who read it!

With lots of love,

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