Sunday 4 September 2016

Snorlax Chiffon Cake with Ultraball

Look what I caught!! ;) Hehe...

This is a cute 3D Snorlax made from blue pea flowers vanilla chiffon cake that I just made for my dear friend's son's birthday! I used almost 100 dried flowers for this cake and only a pinch of charcoal powder for the shade. The Snorlax body is baked in a doll cake tin, the head from a glass bowl (Iwaki, 11 mm), 2 ears from paper cones, and the arms from swissrolls (with some carving). I baked a vanilla chiffon sheet cake to cut out the white patch for the face and tummy, which was glued on using melted marshmallows. Just to share some pictures of the process. The right is the cake I used for the body and the left is the cake I used for the head and ears.

Can you guess how I did the spikes? Yes, by baking the vanilla chiffon in more paper cones. Quite tedious hehe. The feet was from 2 more bowls.

The Ultraball was made similar to my Pokeball, but replacing the raspberry jello with charcoal powder, and baking an additional yellow sheet cake for the 'H'.

Made with lots of love, thankful the cake was very well-received!

With lots of love,

 Newest labour of love! 

Coming to you in mid-Sept!

For those who have pre-ordered, you can collect from 9 Sept to 10 Sept, and those who opted for delivery will have theirs sent on 9 Sept! Hope you enjoy these loving creations!

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  1. Your deco chiffon cakes are so inspiring.
    Bought your book and started baking chiffon for the first time.
    Could you provide more detailed steps on this Snorlax chiffon as would love to try this out for my son. It was his first request but I am an amateur baker. Need more guidance. Thank you Suzanne.