Sunday 17 April 2016

'Pooh Piglet Tsum Tsum' Rainbow Chiffon Cake

I finally did what I thought was impossible to stack a Tsum Tsum! I don’t think I would have tried it again after the previous lesson, if not that my friend was really persistent about it =p. Having learnt from my lesson and gained more experience, I tried an architecturally more sound design, making the top Tsum Tsum smaller, the full body to support and only having two to try (don’t think it can go any higher without squashing the base cake!). But still it was very experimental and nerve wracking… I’m really thankful it worked out!

It’s also my first time baking a Rainbow Chiffon Cake in a 10-inch (25-cm) chiffon tube pan. The Rainbow Chiffon is now the cover of Creative baking: Chiffon Cakes and its 7-inch (18-cm) recipe shared on Pg 65. For the 10-inch pan, I used a 10 egg recipe, multiplying all ingredients by two. Usually egg whites are rounded to the nearest egg white.

To make the body of the Tsum Tsum, I combined chiffon cake baked from two bowl cakes, with a normal chiffon cake in tube pan corresponding to the diameter of the bowls for the middle. Eg. for the pooh, I used 4-inch bowls with 4-inch chiffon tube pan. These were glued together using melted marshmallow cream (sprinkle some water and pop marshmallows into a microwave). You will still need dowel support in the Tsum Tsum to ensure everything doesn’t fall apart. All other details are made from chiffon cake baked as sheets on layer trays and glued on using marshmallow cream.

Really thank God I pulled this off and everything was well–received!

With lots of love,
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