Friday 22 January 2016

Dr McStuffin-themed Tier Chiffon Cake

This is a very sweet and soft Dr McStuffin-themed creation. It’s my first attempt at making a stethoscope from chiffon cake roll and I had fun making the huge Band-Aid with a heart from layer chiffon cake.

The design of the 2-tiers are inspired by the sweet Dr McStuffin’s usual get-up: striped purple-white top with a pink skirt. I haven’t been making stripey chiffon cakes since the Navy Stripes Gun Chiffon Cake over a year ago. The recipe I used was similar, with the blue portion of the batter replaced by purple batter. For the base, I used the kids’ favourite Strawberry yoghurt chiffon cake

My friend shared the cake was sooo yummy so that was really encouraging!

With love,

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