Monday, 11 January 2016

5-Colour ‘Inside Out’ Chiffon Cake (new natural food colourings)

This is a special 5-Colour ‘Inside Out’ theme chiffon cake I made for my birthday :p (a bit shy to share lol). It’s actually a simple bake to make the kids happy but I also loved the show very much as it's really cute and touching. Everything is colored naturally from flowers, fruits and tea and I can’t wait share the new natural colourings I have found! My MIL got them from Thailand and apparently it’s very commonly used there. Everything was in Thai and she had no idea what they were called, so I went on a goose hunt for their identity. Thankful for suggestions from friends and also our favourite Google, I finally found their identity. 

The red flowers were dried red Hibiscus flowers or red Roselle, which is also used to make the floral tea, and the nice deep red dye was made by steeping a handful of Hibiscus flowers (around 35+ flowers) in a bit of boiled hot water (10-15 ml) until cooled. I read it also has anti-oxidant properties and helps to lower cholesterol.

The yellow fruit was the fruit of Gardenia yellow, which is commonly used in pasta and many food products. I just soaked a big handful of the yellow fruit (below) in a tiny bit of hot water and the yellow dye was really strong!

My MIL also brought back a big bag of Blue pea flowers and this was used to make the blue dye which I have shared previously. I soaked 35+ flowers in 10 ml hot water for 15 min to make this blue dye.

I made the purple colour from blueberry powder (3/4 tsp) and extract.

And lastly the green colour from 3/4 tsp matcha powder. This chiffon cake is similar to my Lego blocks Chiffon Cake.

The kids loved it and the staff at the restaurant were tickled by the unique 5-colour chiffon cake!

With lots of love,


  1. Please can you show the aluminium foil that you use as separators? When we make use of the foil, its usually crumbled not as smooth as yours. Yours are indeed beautiful and neat. Hope you will oblige.

    1. The foils are thrown away already as they can't be reused. Basically I measure the tin, then fold the aluminium foil into the size (rectangle) and fold a few times over. It's ok if it's a little crumpled, the batter is viscous and doesn't show it. Give me some time, I'll fold it when I can and take a pic. Thanks.

  2. Wow!! So pretty!! I can't even make a normal 1-colour chiffon :'(

  3. Thank you Susanne for showing us the aluminium foil separator.

  4. Dear Suzanne,
    I'm so impressed that you care enough to use natural colourings. Most of the popular bloggers out there just use artificial colourings and flavours. I've been using matcha and roselle as natural colourings but gardenia is new to me. Do you know if it is available in Singapore? I've been looking out for your book in POPULAR since 1st Jan!
    God bless you!

    1. Dear Mark & Belle,
      Thanks so much! I'm not sure if it's available in Singapore. I've not seen it in local markets, but maybe Thai enclaves might have. It's such a pity as it's so common there! I heard the books may be out in Popular in the next two weeks! Will update the blog once I get updates. Thanks! God bless too

  5. Can I know the pic of aluminium foil separator? I can't imagine how to make this cake.
    Thank you

    1. Hi this cake with picture tutorial guide is now in Deco Chiffon Cakes cookbook. Thank you!