Sunday 29 November 2015

'Moo Moo' Chiffon Cake (Japanese Cream Cheese Chiffon & Charcoal Chiffon)

This is one of my two animal chiffon cakes this week! Cream cheese chiffon was requested and I was happy to try the lovely Japanese cream cheese chiffon shared by Baking taitai from a Japanese cake champion! The theme was ‘cow’ or 'moo moo' so I used Cream cheese chiffon with Charcoal powder to make 3D 'moo moo' patterns for the cow both at the bottom (or top) and sides of the chiffon. I also simplified the recipe into whole egg yolks and whites as I have some experience with low egg yolk: egg white ratios, and also the difference in the weight I used and the original recipe was not very significant. Hope you will like my 'moo moo' chiffon!

Recipe for this yummy Cream cheese Moo moo Chiffon is in my next cookbook Deco Chiffon Cakes launching in Sept 2016!  Hope you will love this yummy creation and do kindly link back if you use the recipe. Thank you!

With lots of love,

Moo Moo Chiffon now in Deco Chiffon Cakes

Very happy that many have tried out the Moo moo chiffon from Deco Chiffon Cakes successfully and given good reviews in terms of taste and texture! 


  1. A very nice one, good work.

  2. Hi Susanna, I've tried baking baking tai tai cream cheese chiffon but it's as white as yours and hers =[
    May i know what cream cheese did you use?

    1. Thanks, I used Philaedelphia cream cheese.

  3. where can i buy the charcoal powder?