Wednesday 11 November 2015

'Little Mermaid' Chiffon Cake

"Under the sea...Under the sea..
Darling it's better, down where it's wetter, take it from me.." =)

As I am writing this, this cute song by Sebastian the crab goes in my head! I remember this cartoon when it came out while I was still a young girl in MGS! I loved it so much I probably watched this over 8 times and can sing all the songs! ;)

This Little Mermaid Cake was super fun for me as it’s my first ‘Under-the-sea’ chiffon cake, though I’ve made a few nautical theme cakes. I had to chance to make Corals, Seaweeds and Clams from chiffon cake!

The base chiffon cake is a 2-tone Blue pea flower (vanilla)-chocolate chiffon cake, like my Cars. It seems blue with brown can be used for various themes, both ‘under-the-sea’ and desert lands. The 2-tone chiffon cake was actually unintended, but the birthday girl loved chocolate and so asked it chocolate flavour can be incorporated into the cake, hence we came up with this ‘Sea-seabed’ Blue-Brown chiffon cake scheme. Since the chiffon cake is inverted after unmoulding, the way to make the ‘Sea-seabed’ 2-tone chiffon cake is to pour Blue pea flower (vanilla) chiffon cake batter in first to fill the base to more than half, then deposit humps of blue batter, then fill with Chocolate chiffon cake batter.

The seaweeds are made from pandan chiffon layer cake. I happened to have a cute dino cutter in which I used the spikes to cut out zigzag seaweeds shapes (make a double cut side-by-side).
I made 2 types of corals, both the tube-like ones as well as the sheets. For the sheets corals, I baked a similar vanilla layer chiffon cake and cut out holes of different sizes using a circle cutter. For the tube corals, I baked strawberry chiffon cake in mini cake pop molds and then used a straw to punch out a hole for the tube ones. The clams were made using a clam mold which I have.

Thankful the kids loved the cake! Phay Shing made some beautiful mermaid macarons to go along with them.

With lots of love,

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