Thursday 20 August 2015

Tsum Tsum (Sanrio) Rainbow Chiffon Cake

Sanrio plus Tsum Tsum = Cuteness overload! All the Tsum Tsum Sanrio characters here are made from soft chiffon cake. My heart melted when my friend sent me pictures of these cute fluffy Tsum Tsum Sanrio plush toys! The characters are Little Twin Stars, Tuxedo Sam, Piano, My Melody and Cinnamaroll (some of them I only learnt now LOL).

It turned out to be one of my most difficult cakes so far. I learnt a valuable lesson here that chiffon cakes are too soft to stack LOL. These are now stacked lying on the cake as they get squashed when stacked upright so I had a difficult time trying it out. All these characters are made from patterning chiffon in small bowl cakes in combination with layered chiffon cakes of various colours to cut out their features. She also requested for a rainbow cake, so the base is a pretty sweet 9-inch Rainbow chiffon cake (can't be seen clearly from here).

Thank God for really helping here. I’ve never been so happy and relieved the cake was well-received =p.

Happy birthday to sweet Megan!

With lots of love,

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