Wednesday 1 July 2015

Nautical Blue Ombre Chiffon Cake

This is my 3rd Nautical cake (after the Nautical Mickey and Chiffon Boat Chiffon Cakes). This cake stands out from the previous two because the mummy loves ombre blue colours and specially requested for the base to be an Ombre Blue Chiffon Cake. I have previously shared a Blue Ombre Blue Pea Flowers Chiffon Cake for a Frozen theme. Here, I have added a creamy white layer on top (the white brightens up the cake a whole lot). Also in order to get the Navy blue shade for the most bottom layer, I also added a dip of charcoal powder and wilton purple colour. So here, I have effectively increased the contrast of the top and bottom most layers. You can refer to the previous link for the steps on getting a Blue Ombre Chiffon Cake. I scaled up the recipe by 1 egg in order to add the white layer. A special note for chiffon cakes, the colour comes out inverted when you invert the cake, so remember to scoop the lightest colour into the tin first if you want it to come out on top in the final cake.

I have made the Chiffon Cake Boat previously. It is made the same way by piping a ring of plain white batter in an oval bowl filled with strawberry chiffon cake batter. The sails are also cut out from layer chiffon cake. I added in some floats on the boat by cutting out small donuts from dark blue layer chiffon cake. First use a bubble tea straw to cut out the outer circle and then use a smaller drink straw to cut out the inner circle.

Thank God both the Nautical cake and Phay Shing's cookie pops and ombre iced gems were very well-received! The mummy was such a joy to bake for!

With love,

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