Wednesday 13 May 2015

Rainbow ‘Peppa Pig Birthday’ Tiered Chiffon Cake

It’s Peppa pig again! It seems to the all-time favorite of children nowadays. This time Peppa pig is on a dreamy Rainbow land (requested), where she’s enjoying her mini birthday smash cake and balloon! Hehe

I haven’t made a big Rainbow Chiffon Cake for a long time, so I was a bit apprehensive and I had forgotten about the tonnes of bowls to wash :p I had shared the recipe for Pastel Rainbow Chiffon Cake previously. It’s a very special cake to me. The original link is here.

The Peppa pig’s head is made from strawberry chiffon cake baked in an eggshell similar to my previous 3D Peppa and George Tiered Chiffon Cake; and the top tier is a Reduced Egg white Vanilla Chiffon which I have shared. I will just highlight the more novel 3D chiffon creations in this cake =). I had fun making a mini Birthday smash Cake! It was made from chiffon cake baked in layer trays (excess batter from the rainbow chiffon cake!). Cut a few circles from the different colors and stack together using melted marshmallows, and top with a flower (for cream) and cake crumb (for cherry!). I also had fun making a small Bush behind Peppa. It’s also made from chiffon cake baked in an egg shell! This time it’s pandan chiffon cake like my Ninja turtles. The red fruits (in Peppa cartoon) are also from chiffon cake in layer tray (leftover from Peppa’s body). I used a straw cutter to cut them out and used melted marshmallows to stick them on. Lastly for the Balloon, I baked the leftover yellow chiffon cake from the rainbow cake in my cake pop maker. 

Very thankful everything was well-received! Happy birthday Olivia!

With love,

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