Saturday 30 May 2015

Baymax Chiffon Cake (Reduced Egg yolk Vanilla Chiffon)

"Hello. I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion."

Ahh this is my favourite character from Big Hero 6 (apart from Hiro)! He’s such an endearing robot with a huggable image and silly classic quotes like "Fist bump, is not in my fighting database" and "Excuse me while I let out some air." LOL

Back to the cake, when I saw Baymax, I immediately thought his head is shaped like an egg. Yes you guess it! I baked chiffon cake in an eggshell for his head (refer to this post for preparation). Remember to remove the membrane cleanly from the insides of the egg, and poke the hole at the middle instead of the edges of the egg so that the edges are prettier. Baymax had a huge body and ballonish arms and legs, so the body and limbs are made from chiffon cake baked in oval glass bowls with swissrolls arms (with some carving to get the shapes and fingers). I used a Reduced Egg yolk Vanilla chiffon cake recipe (halved the recipe) for Baymax.

The base cake uses also the same recipe for a 9-inch chiffon tin. Baymax’s red suitcase was requested, so I baked an additional 8-inch 1 egg yolk Strawberry chiffon cake in layer tray for cutting the rectangles out.

Thankful it was well-received!

With lots of love,


  1. Hi, are your cakes available for order? Please contact me at 97561952.

    1. Yup you can email at from the About Us page. Thank you!