Saturday 25 April 2015

Princess Sofia Doll Chiffon Cake (Blueberry Chiffon)

Princess Sofia is really small and cute! This is a Princess Sofia Doll version of my previous Elsa Doll Chiffon Cake. Here, I baked a blueberry chiffon cake (scale to 6 egg yolk recipe) in a doll cake tin to form the base of the gown. I have since found a way to prevent the blueberry from making the cake patchy. I made blueberry juice using the powder first and then used a coffee filter to remove the blueberry bits. Since Princess Sofia is petite, only the doll cake tin was required. I tried to create layers this time like real ball gowns by wrapping the base gown chiffon cake with layers of blueberry chiffon cake (2 egg yolk recipe, baked in layer tray) cut to elliptical shape. I baked an extra reduced egg white vanilla chiffon cake (scale down to 1 egg yolk recipe) in a 10-inch tray for cutting out the Princess Sofia motif and frills. I used chiffon cake rosette ruffles this time to tie the frills together for a softer gown look using melted marshmallows as glue. Thankful everything was well-received together with Phay Shing’s Rainbow SMBC chiffon cuppies!

With love,


  1. Dear Susanne, where can I get the doll chiffon tin? Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi phoon huat, Amazon and some baking stores. Thanks sorry for late reply. Missed out.