Sunday 8 March 2015

3D Big Peppa Pig Chiffon Cake

I'm back to Peppa Pig again and this time it’s a big 3D Peppa Pig Strawberry Chiffon Cake! =) The 3D Peppa Pig Chiffon Cake is made entirely of strawberry chiffon cake and I made it such that she looks like she’s happily sitting (on a 12-inch cake board). The base chiffon cake is baked in a doll cake mold (I had previously shared in my Elsa doll post I was excited as it has a centre tube) with added red yeast powder to darken the shade. I have found that too much red yeast powder deflates the meringue and it is essential or helpful to add ½ tsp baking powder to the recipe. The face is carved and cut out from chiffon cake similar to my previous Peppa Pig chiffon cake. I used cake dowels to support the head. The center hole in the doll chiffon cake came in very useful here =).

Thank God she loved it and said it was yummy (baker’s great joy!).

With love,


  1. Hi Suzanne
    Do you make to sell this 3D peppa pig chiffon cake?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      It's more of a hobby but we do take orders if we can cope with them (and family). Just drop me an email. Thanks!

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