Thursday 15 January 2015

'R2-D2 Head' Charcoal Chiffon Cake

This is a fun creation for my friend's son who loves Star Wars! I don't know if you recognize the cute robot from Star Wars who fights along Anakin Skywalker. I just made a small head for him as it was a last minute squeeze-in request to delight the boy!

The head is made from a ball cake mold using charcoal chiffon cake (just a tiny dip of charcoal for the grey) using a reduced egg yolk recipe to reduce the yellow color (to 1 egg yolk). The recipe can actually make 2 heads. I made another two layer chiffon cake (blue and red) to cut out all the cute squares and dots! It is also a pinata chiffon cake with hidden marshmallows for fun as I made a small hole in the middle :).

It was great joy to hear that he was very happy!! Happy belated birthday to Zethan!!

With lots of love,

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