Monday 15 December 2014

Super Mario Chiffon Cake!

This is a Super Mario cake made purely out of vanilla and pandan chiffon cake for my dear Kaai Zenn who turned 5! Time really flies.. when I first met him he was just 2 and he has grown so much and so well! I missed those playdates very much. I really wasn't confident doing the Super Mario face so it was supposed to the Super Mario Mushroom cake until the Elmo chiffon cake came along when she asked again whether possible, and after having tried Elmo which also involves baking the nose in an egg, I finally thought to give it a try.

Faces are actually among the most difficult cakes and require the most work and attention to detail because even a slight shift in a feature may result in a different-looking person. The Super Mario face was carved and cut out from a vanilla chiffon cake baked in an oval glass bowl. Instead of piping the hat in like My Melody Chiffon Cake, this time round I tried cutting the Mario hat out from a separate cake (also baked in oval glass bowl) and then joining both together using melted marshmallows. The nose and ears were made from vanilla chiffon cake baked in two eggs: one for the nose, and two halves for each ear. His hair was cut from chiffon cake colored lightly with cocoa powder baked as a layer in a baking tray. His moustache and eye brows were colored with a combination of charcoal and cocoa powder similarly. The recipes for vanilla and cocoa chiffon cake can be found in my Super Mario Mushroom cake post (vanilla scale to 2 egg recipe and chocolate, 1 egg recipe). It may appear simple but is actually quite complicated to assemble. It took some trial and error to get the proportions right especially because it was 3D and I couldn't use a direct template to pipe.

The base is pandan chiffon cake colored naturally with pandan juice and pandan paste, and this is also a pinata cake in which I hid some surprises under the face!

Here's a side profile of the cake.. hope it can pass!

Happy birthday to dear KZ!!

With lots of love,

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  1. Hi susanne, this looks exactly like Super Mario to me, really nice :)