Wednesday 12 November 2014

Minnie Mouse Strawberry Chiffon Cake

The last time I made a Minnie Mouse chiffon cake, my dear friend Fel remarked that Minnie Mouse will be more like Minnie if she was wearing pink instead of red LOL (pink is Fel's favorite color!). So I promised her my next Minnie Mouse will be wearing pink! :) I made this cake for a little girl who is very very sweet and so reminded me of the pink Minnie Mouse. This sweet cake is inspired by the sweet girl :). I changed the flavor to strawberry so that I could use strawberry puree and paste for the pinkish color. The head cake was colored black using charcoal powder. Recipe for the strawberry chiffon cake is as follows.

Strawberry Chiffon Cake (17 cm chiffon tin)
3 egg yolks
20g sugar
39g vegetable oil
44 ml strawberry puree
1.5 ml strawberry paste
60g cake flour
Dip of wilton pink coloring *optional

4 egg whites
45g sugar
1/4 tsp cream of tartar

1. Prepare strawberry puree. I was lazy to break out my blender so I used a grater and then strained the mixture to obtain the puree.

2. Preheat oven to 160°C (I used steam baking but it is optional).
3. Beat egg yolks with sugar with whisk till pale yellow before stirring in oil and strawberry puree.
4. Add in sieved flour and whisk till no trace of flour found. Whisk in strawberry paste and a dip of pink wilton coloring (optional).
5. Meringue: Beat the egg whites with ¼ tsp cream of tartar till stiff peak, mixing in caster sugar in 2 additions.
6. Fold the meringue into the batter 1/3 at a time and gently pour into the chiffon tin from a height. Gently tap tin on table 3x to remove air bubbles.
7. Bake the chiffon tin to 160°C for 15 min then at 140°C for 31 min.
8. Invert the chiffon tin once it removed from oven and leave to cool on a cooling rack.
9. Unmould the chiffon cake by hand. Gently pull the cake from the sides of the tin at each angle and push the removable base up to unmould the sides. To unmould the cake from the base, gently lift up the cake from the base using hands, repeating this at each angle before turning the base over.

The minnie mouse head and shoes were made from the same strawberry chiffon cake recipe, but with batter divided into black (charcoal powder) and pink in 2:1 ratio baked in a big round cake mold and 2 smaller bowls. They were fixed together using melted marshmallows.

I added in some pink marshmallows flowers into the hidden surprise so that it will be more fun to cut the cake (also inspired by the sweet girl)!

My friend shared that it was a very soft and yummy cake and looked really sweet ^_^.

Happy birthday to the sweetie!

With love,


  1. Hi Susanne ,
    May I know can I leave out the strawberry paste ?
    I don't have it .
    Erm.. I only have strawberries .

    1. Hi irvinraeka,
      If you do not have strawberry paste, then I would suggest you use pink coloring to get the shade of pink. Thanks!

  2. Oh ok . Does strawberry paste help the taste be stronger ?
    If I increase the strawberry amount ?
    Will it be too watery ?

    Thanks and sorry for the trouble again .

    1. Yes strawberry paste helps the taste. There is also strawberry powder (pure) that you can buy at Phoon huat. You can increase the strawberry puree, but if you do, then you need to increase the cake flour by 1/2 to 2/3 the amount (in grams) to keep the flour to liquid ratio constant. Thanks!

  3. Hi ,
    Thanks for given me the advice . Hopefully can get it right , my calculation is not that good .
    I tried without the paste although not much strawberry taste but over all is really nice and fluffy ! Super thumb up for all your recipe .
    Thank you !