Wednesday 18 January 2017

Mandarin Oranges and Yuzu Rooster Chiffon Cupcakes (updates for shaping oranges!)

I believe many of you have seen and attempted making mandarin orange look alike chiffon cupcakes ever since I came up with them 3 years ago. This is the fourth consecutive year that I am making these mandarin oranges! I made a couple of yuzu flavoured rooster cupcakes to go along with them to welcome the year of the rooster :)

These mandarin oranges have a special place in my heart and baking journey as it's one of my earliest creative chiffon bakes baked for a loved one, and I made the discovery that chiffon cakes can be baked in glass bowls and shaped by hand or knife. The first set of mandarin oranges were made for my mother-in-law when we visited for Chinese New Year. Read about it here :)

My friend requested for the mandarin orange cupcakes this year and it's the largest quantity I have baked for a request so far. 20 mandarin orange cupcakes! Since I don't have that many glass bowls, some of the oranges were larger using a 11cm OD bowl instead of my usual 8.5cm ones. I needed two rounds of baking to complete the oranges.

The recipe and video tutorial for shaping the oranges can be found in this post so I shall not repeat them here. What I would like to update is a new shaping technique that I found much neater, to round out the bottoms of the oranges. Instead of using your hand to tuck in the base of the cake, use the same glass bowl that the cake was baked in to round out the base of the cake as shown in the picture below:

Gently tuck the base of the cake (near the rim of the bowl before unmoulding) into the bowl and leave it in there for 15-20 minutes before taking it out. The bases will be very neatly tucked in!

I used this neat trick for the head and body of the roosters as well! I baked the heads in 8.5cm OD bowl and the bodies in 11cm bowl. The other parts of the roosters were baked as sheet cakes in a 7" square tray and cut out using cookie cutters.

Check out the neat rounded bottoms of the cakes! Assembling the head into the body with melted marshmellow and toothpick.

The recipe for yuzu chiffon cupcake can be found here.

Ta-dah! Roosters!

With love,
Phay Shing


  1. Nice work there! May I ask when you said put the cake back into the same glass bowl used to bake the cake to round the base, by that is it you flip the cake over after baked? After baking, the base of the cake is already round?

    1. Thanks for pointing this out :). I have amended the post a little to mention that it's the part of the cake that is nearest the rim of the bowl before unmoulding that gets tucked into the bowl for shaping. So yes you have to flip the cake over. The other end is already round so there's no need to round it out.

  2. hi, where can we buy the glass?

    1. You can try Robinson's or OG. I have seen it at Meidi Ya as well.

  3. Can use those porcelain round bowls instead of glass?? Will it turn out well too?

    1. I have not tried ceramic or porcelain bowls before so I can't comment on whether it is ok. You could give it a try :)