Saturday 20 February 2016

Miffy Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Macarons

My friend and her cousin are fans of Miffy so here are some Miffy macarons for them :).

This is actually my second time making Miffy macarons. You may take a look at my first attempt at making them last year along with other cute characters in this post.

These Miffies are of the same flavour as the Meeple macarons since it's the same friend that requested for them. Hazelnut dark chocolate ganache filling! You may refer to my Meeple macaron post for the shell and filling recipe. Just note that baking temperature is slightly lower for white Miffy at 130°C to prevent browning. The temperature has to be lowered further to about 115°C after 20 minutes of baking to continue drying the shells thoroughly without browning. Bake with the tray at the lowest rack of the oven.

Just to share some photos of the process...

Piping Miffy heads

Piping full bodied Miffy! Left the teeny buttons to pipe

Freshly baked heads!

Freshly baked full-bodied Miffy!

I used edible black marker to draw the face.

Filling up Miffy heads

Filling up more Miffy!

There were smiles and exclamations of "Miffy!!" when these were received :). Thank God that these macarons were very well received in terms of looks and taste! The hazelnut dark chocolate filling is highly recommended as there is no sugar added, perfect to pair with sweet macaron shells. So if you can afford it, do make from scratch. Not too troublesome to make and much better than Nutella!

With love,
Phay Shing

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  1. Hi Phay Shing,
    my friend bought me your macaron book and I luv it! I tried baking and it turns out nice! However I have some that has loop sided feet. May I ask you why?
    Btw is it possible to reduce the recipe?
    I luv your miffy macarons! Can I ask how many can we bake using the recipe and what's the size for each miffy head n miffy full body?

    1. Hi Kelyn,
      Sometimes drying the macarons for too long may result in lopsided feet. Yes you may half the recipe without problems. For a 200g almond meal recipe I estimate about 40-50 heads or 30-35 full body. The heads may be about 6cm length because of the long ears. The full body version about 7cm tall.

      Thanks for trying out my recipes! Happy baking!

    2. Hi Kelyn,
      I forgot to ask if you used the fan mode in your oven. That will cause the feet to be lopsided too.

  2. Thanks!! Btw I wanna buy your chiffon cake book. I went to united square popular but can't find it. Anywhere else to purchase it?

    1. You may try other Popular outlets or Kinokuniya. I saw both books at Westgate Popular last weekend.

  3. Hi Phay Shing,
    Thanks I will try other book store!
    And yes my oban is fan forced... :( waiting for it to be down then I can get a new one! Heez.
    BTW, one more qn to ask.. is it possible to reduce the sugar for the 'Mass'? Will it affect the end product?

    1. Another reader also encountered lopsided feet because her oven is fan forced mode only.
      I have not tried reducing the sugar content in the mass but I think no harm reducing 10g per 200g of icing sugar. You may add a pinch of salt to the mass to further counter the sweetness.

  4. Hi Phay Shing,
    I finally found your chiffon cake book! I must say it's as impressive as the macaron book!

    1. Thanks :). Enjoy! Keep a lookout for Susanne's second chiffon cake book probably some time end of this year!

    2. Happy you love the chiffon cake book too! Happy baking! Blessings =)

  5. hello where to find miffy rabbit template? i bought book but there isnt any rabbit template? I also want try pusheen one. Please kindly point me to where I can find the template. thanks

    1. Hi, thanks for your support! I am unable to share trademarked character templates due to licensing issues. I have a section in the book with details on how you can make your own templates and therefore create any design of macarons you like. You can search the internet for images and make your own template from there :)