Thursday 12 February 2015

Bumblebee Cookies n Cream Macarons

Remember I mentioned I have some leftover macaron batter that I played with after the Mickey and Minnie macs? This is one of the two creations that came about!

Bumblebees with and without wings!

I have made quite a number of cute bakes over the past year but this really takes the cake! I couldn't resist taking more photos...

I couldn't find a suitable box for them so they ended up in my elder kid's lumchbox. No, the bees didn't go to school. They may cause a pandemonium of they did :p.

I mean, who can resist the rosy cheeks, absolutely cheerful disposition and cute little stings?? I actually had difficulty cutting a bee in half for my kids to share (my kids don't take much chocolatey stuff in one sitting). Too cute!!

Please refer to my updated Mickey and Minnie macarons for the recipe. I will highlight what is different here.

Pipe circles for the bee's body and use a toothpick to pull the batter to make the sting. You may choose to do the same for the bottom shell or leave them as circles.

Freshly baked!

I iced the shells with royal icing. The wings are made by piping small hearts on baking sheet and oven drying at 60°C until dry. Carefully remove the hearts from baking sheet. I stuck the wings on with a dab of royal icing. The rosy cheeks were made by brushing on some peach coloured Lustre Dust (edible powder food colouring) and knocking off the excess powder. I used yellow and teeny bit of red gel colouring to make the deep yellow colour of the bees' stripes. Charcoal was used to colour the icing black.

Filling up with cookies n cream swiss merigue buttercream!

This is less challenging to pipe than say Snoopy or Peppa pig but so hard to eat because of the cute overload! If you give this a try, you may experience the same difficulty as me! A friend mentioned that these bees would make great Valentine's Day gifts. I can see why! With the cute stings, winsome smile, rosy cheeks and a cheesy message that says "Bee my Valentine", who can resist?!

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With lots of love,
Phay Shing

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  1. Omg omg.. I can't resist looking at this more as well!! Simply cuuutttteeeeeee... Pls if I may request, for you to link to best recipes so that the Best Recipes readers can see this super post as well :)

    1. Thanks Victoria for your encouragement :)
      Just linked up!

  2. I like. :) Your macaroon skills have improved so much also... Really enjoyed this last batch. *Totally not biased comment*

    1. Thanks dear :) Glad you enjoyed! Still have a few left to clear

  3. Phay Shing, you're 'torturing' me ... sooo cutie ! Think if I'm offered one, will need to close my eyes to eat it. They are just toooo cute to be eaten 'alive' ! Woah ha ha !

    1. All of us help the bee to give a scream of horror as I cut it in half... drawbacks of making something edible too cute :p