Friday 23 January 2015

Snoopy Chiffon Cake

This is a Snoopy Chiffon Cake for a dear friend whose handsome baby is turning one! She and her hubby love Snoopy very much and asked if I could make a design with Snoopy hugging a heart. This was one of those cakes I really enjoyed making because the Snoopy is 'aw-so-sweet'!

The Snoopy sitting on a house is just nice for a green pandan chiffon cake making the green grass! I hid a marshmallow surprise under the chiffon cake house which they loved! I was super glad to take a 'break' this time and use my Snoopy cake mold instead of shaping it out from scratch like Barney or Ninja turtles hee. I pre-piped the features on like my Hello Kitty Chiffon Cake Pops and baked a vanilla chiffon cake in it. To obtain a whiter cake, I reduced to just 1 egg yolk with 4 egg whites. This time I lightly greased the features on the mold and they came out better :). The house was made DIY by wrapping a thin 'roof' red vanilla chiffon cake over another 'house' chiffon cake to make the roof. I just a knife to make small slits to form the house 'grooves'. Everything was glued together using melted marshmallows.

She said the cake was too cute and couldn't bear to eat it!

Happy birthday to Ryan!

With lots of love,

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