Wednesday 17 December 2014

'Christmas Mistletoe Ring' Rainbow Chiffon Cake (and Cupcakes)

This is another fun pretty variant of the rainbow chiffon cake with green colour at the top, inspired by the Christmas mistletoe rings (or Christmas wreaths) that adorn houses during Christmas time to celebrate the birth of Christ. The donut shape of the chiffon cake is really ideal for making the Christmas ring. It was something that I had wanted to try last year for the school Christmas party but was ditched last minute in favour of the Christmas trees Pandan-Strawberry Chiffon Pops which the kids loved as well.

The same recipe for the Pastel Rainbow Chiffon Cake (in 'Creative baking: Chiffon Cakes' now) is used here, except that the order for scooping in the batter is changed as follows: green, yellow, orange, pink, purple and blue, so that green would be on top once the cake is inverted.

The mistletoe and leaves were cut from strawberry and pandan chiffon cakes baked in 9-inch trays. The red mistletoe is cut using a bubble tea straw. I used some charcoal powder in addition to pandan paste to colour the leaves darker green than the chiffon cake. As I didn’t have a leaf cutter for the green leaves, the jagged leaves were cut by using the straw to make 6 inverted cuts around the shape of the leaf.

Here’s a more top view of the Christmas Mistletoe Ring!

A newer version of Christmas Mistletoe Ring with picture tutorial is now in 'Deco Chiffon Cakes' book.

I also made some more Christmas cupcakes along with the cake. You can refer to Snowman Tiered Chiffon Cake and Christmas cupcakes (at the bottom) for their recipe. I took the chance to experiment with more Christmas designs: mistletoe and stars in addition to snowflakes.

Packing them into boxes two by two as gifts!

Blessed Christmas to all!

With lots of love,


  1. I come here to admire all the creative bakes created by you and Phay Shing. Yet another innovative chiffon cake, I can only marvel at your creativity and skills! :)

    1. Thanks Miss B! Love your braided nutella bread too! It's so pretty and Christmassy! Blessed Christmas to you!

  2. Susanne, I really enjoy looking at all your lovely creations, you are so talented! Wishing you a blessed Christmas in advance!

    1. Thanks Cheryl for your encouragement! I admire and love your bakes very much! Blessed Christmas to you too!